Privacy Policy

The guiding principle on this site for privacy is this: no surprises.

No Surprises

That means that we won't try to collect any information about you that you wouldn't reasonably expect us to collect, and that we won't use collected information in ways that we think would surprise you. So for example, if you sign up for site updates, getting updates is what you expect, whereas giving your email to some other company is exactly the kind of surprise you wouldn't want.

What gets collected and how?

We don't really collect much information, but we do have an email list, and use some third party services for analytics etc:

  1. Analytics — Right now the site uses Google Analytics for aggregate visitor statistics. This helps to figure out if there's a site lots of people are coming from, or if certain pages seem to turn people off the site and should be fixed. We're looking into replacing GA with something else so that your browsing data isn't given to Google, but GA is pretty easy to use, and it's what we've been using since the beginning.
  2. Advertising — The ads and affiliate links on the site provide a little bit of revenue to compensate for many hours of work. Right now, ads are mostly through Google, and Amazon affiliate links, so if you click on an ad or Amazon link then those companies will keep track of your clicks and what you buy.
  3. Mailing List — If you sign up for the mailing list, we don't use that information for anything except sending you updates about the site. You won't be added to other lists and your email won't be given to another company.