Chaf Kaf

Chaf Sofit (and Kaf Sofit)

Hebrew doesn't have capital letters, but it does have a similar concept: final letters. When comes at the end of the word, it looks like this:

It's called chaf sofit, meaning "ending Chaf" or "Final Chaf," and you only see it at the end of a word.

Much less common is another sofit or final letter--you guessed it, kaf sofit: .

The best way to remember these is that they're STRETCHED out versions of the normal letters.

Now let's try some more reading practice with these new final letters.

(kaka) - Another way to write this popular word from the English-speaking toddler's vocabulary.

(aych) - how

Just as in the English or "Roman" alphabet after K comes L, in the Hebrew Alefbet, after Kaf/Chaf comes Lamed...