Aleph tsere


This one's even quicker, since Hebrew speakers pronounce it e just like the last one! That means the e of "hello" or "eggs" in case you have the memory of a goldfish. So being "creatively lazy," I figured why not just erase an egg from the picture we used for , and presto, our memory trick for is done!

So let's look at our "new" picture for here:

Brilliant, isn't it? Now of course is basically the same as the last one, but let's try some practice again just to be sure.

ed - Means mist. So yes, you could sort of say that "Mr. Ed" is "Mr. Mist" in Hebrew.

ev - Old word meaning sprout.

ge-eh - Means proud.

Anyhow, let's get on to another letter, a consonant. It's called Hey.