Our next letter, , is called Samech, pronounced just like the letter "S."

has a round look at the bottom that we might be able to imagine looking like the back of a seat. Let's see what that looks like!

That wasn't so hard! Now we know the letter , let's try some more reading!

(so dee) - Means secret.

(sa keen) - Means knife.

(kee say) - Means chair.

(betach) - Sure! Definitely! A popular word in Israel for emphatically agreeing to things. Not that emphatically agreeing is a renowned Israeli trait, but that's another story...

(kmo) - Means like, as in "apples are like oranges."

(chayah) - Animal. Remember that chai means "lives"? From the same root, an animal is something that lives.

(nevet) - Means sprout.

Now that you know how to pronounce , let's go on to...