Vav caused me no end of trouble, honestly.

First I couldn't think of a good picture to remember with. Then there are the other tricks, which I'll tell you about later. But be warned: is a very tricky letter.

The image I came up with is vegetable. for vegetable. What kind of vegetable? I don't know, but it's a funny looking one!

Just pretend that it's a vegetable, ok? Now for some examples.

(Vav) The name of the letter, which happens to mean "hook."

(abegavehah) - Means nothing but it's fun to say!

Doesn't mean anything. Kinda long, too, huh? But get used to long words. Hebrew has its share. Especially with words like which are added to the beginning (in this case) or sometimes the end of a word. We'll see some of those later on.

Now for the funky part. can be a vowel, too.