Learn to Read Hebrew: The Alephbet

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Who is this site for?

Anyone who wants to read Hebrew! You'll learn very quickly, using silly pictures to remember the letters! You might pick up a few actual words of Hebrew, but the main thing is reading.

What's Hebrew?

Hebrew is the traditional language of the Jewish people, and the official language of Israel. It's the language of almost all of the original bible or Tanakh, including the Torah, and also the language of Jewish daily prayer, which is why it's called the lashon hakodesh, or holy language.

There are other Jewish languages, including Yiddish, Aramaic, Ladino and others, but Hebrew's the really big deal with the most ancient history — and modern, too!

Is Hebrew Hard to Read?

Not really! It's just different. The good news is that Hebrew spelling is a lot more consistent than English. It's tricky because it's written in the opposite direction to English (right to left) and uses a totally different alphabet, called the Alephbet.

But that's where this site comes in: Try learning your first Hebrew letter!

Or if you want, learn more about the Hebrew Alephbet!