Zayin: In the Zoo

We've had a few cra-Z-y letters, but Zayin is straight up. It's like a Hebrew Z. In fact, if you look closely, it even looks a bit like Z, with the bottom part missing. That's because Z was actually derived from thousands of years ago! At the time, Zayin looked more like a capital I. Over time, the letter became Z and made its way to the very end of the Roman alphabet that we use today.

Now of course we could take the easy route and just remember as a "Z" without the bottom part. But that wouldn't be any fun. So let's see, what words start with Z... Zoologist? Zirconium? Zither? No, doesn't look like any of those. How about... A zebra!!

Now let's try some reading practice again.

(zeh) - Means this.

(Zod) - The name of a bad guy in one of the Superman films.

beged ...which means clothing! As in a piece a clothing. A shirt is a and so is a skirt.

(hoo) - The word for "he" sounds like "who"! Don't get too confused.

Now for most English speakers, the next letter is a little ch-ch-hard to pronounce...