Tsadi Sofit

Tsadi Sofit

The long letter (Tsadi Sofit) is another of the letters we call finals because they only go at the end of a word, never in the middle of beginning. Fortunately, unlike the school kind of finals, it's really easy to learn everything you need to know for these, because most of them are just like a long, stretched version of the normal letter. That's definitely what looks like!

All it takes is a little reading practice to get used to the sofit (final) version of .

(eits) - Means tree!

(chets) - An arrow!

(chefets) - Means wish as in "this is my wish!"

(dov) - Means bear.

(kamah) - Means how much or how many.

(noded) - Means wanderer.

(emunah) - Means faith, which comes from the root of the word "amen," which originally came from Hebrew!

(amen) - Means amen.

So, what's next?