Our next letter, , is called Nun, pronounced kind of like "noon." is related, not surprisingly, to the English letter N, and it sounds just like N, too.

To remember what sounds like, let's try imagining a person's face with a instead of a nose!

Now that each of us "knows" how to pronounce , let's try some more reading!

(nevet) - Means sprout.

(na-vii) - Means prophet, as in Eliyahu hanavi, Elijah the prophet.

(negev) - Means south.

(ganav) - Means thief.

(noded) - Means wanderer.

(migbah) - Means goal. Which of course is to finish the Aleph-Bet and read Hebrew!

(cham) - Means hot.

(bag) — Well, it means something in English, obviously. In Hebrew it means "delicacy." Just thought you'd like to know.

ge-eh - Means proud.

And when appears at the end of a word, we call it Nun Sofit...