The letter (Shin) sounds just like you'd expect: it has the shhhhh sound you use when you tell someone to be quiet. In fact, the name of the letter sounds similar to the English word shin--that part of the leg below the knee that hurts so much if it bumps into a coffee table.

We'll imagine the letter as a sheep!

Now let's try some reading practice again.

(shem) - Name

(sheleg) - snow.

(tsel) - Means shadow

(beitsah) - Means egg!

(tsom) - Means a fast in the sense of not eating for a long time.

(rak) - Means only

(matzah) - The famously dry, crunchy cracker-like bread that Jews eat each year for eight days!

(pesach) - Passover, the holiday where Jews eat matzah!

(lailah, pronounced lie-lah) - Means night.

(gam) - Means also.

(morah) - Teacher (female)

Now let's look at the other version of the same letter...