About Cartoon Hebrew

This site has a funny history!

The Alefbet and some pictures

It all started one day in university when I was bored. I decided to join a friend of mine in his Economics class, which I'd already taken. If anything that made the boredom even worse, so I started doing a funny thing: I started making sketches of funny pictures as mnemonics to teach my friend Hebrew. Why? The short story is because I think learning languages is fun.

I ended up finishing the sketches and eventually put them together into a web site, which over time became CartoonHebrew.com. As I saw more people were using the site I've tried to improve things and I've got more plans to keep making the site better.

About Byron - The site creator

As a kid I was fascinated with languages and writing systems. I learned about the ancient Phoenician alphabet that was the precursor to both our English alphabet (via Greek) and the modern Hebrew alphabet. It's even related to the Arabic and Russian systems.

But with all my love of learning, I also found that I had a lot of trouble memorizing some things, so I read some books on improving memory retention. Over the years I've studied a lot of languages, including Chinese and Japanese, and developed a lot of ways to accelerate the process of learning to read, memorizing vocabulary, and making the grammar feel natural. At one point I took on a challenge to learn to learn to read Russian in ten minutes, and succeeded because of my methods. I hope to share more of those discoveries here!

My personal site is here.