Oh no! The person's eye FELL out! Now the dot is missing, and we have a new letter , which is called Feh. The letter is pronounced exactly like the English letter F in the word fall.

Let's read some words with !

(yaFAH) - Means beautiful, referring to a girl or woman.

(yaFEH) - Means handsome, referring to a boy or man.


Let's look at some of the words we've already learned to read!

(ayin) - The name of the letter , which means eye.

(peh) - The name of the letter , which means mouth.

(gag) — It means roof. Gag me with a roof! Ok, it wasn't funny.

(dag) - Means fish.

(bocheh) - Cry, weep.

(dod) - Means uncle.

(dov) - Means bear.

(Kachah) - Means like this.

Now that you know how to pronounce , let's go on to...