Peh Sofit Feh Sofit

Peh Sofit

Just like some of the other letters, and have a final form, meaning that they change a bit when they go at the end of a word. Luckily it's the same change that almost all of the finals have: they just get longer. In Hebrew almost never appears except a few times in the Torah, whereas its not-quite-identical twin is pretty common.

Let's read some words with and !

(Ohf) - Sounds like the English word "oaf" and it means bird.


Let's look at some more of the words we've already learned to read!

(Vav) The name of the letter, which happens to mean "hook."

(chag) - Holiday! For example, Chanukah!

(echad) - one.

(tov) - Good! For example, Aba tov would be a good father. Tov is only used for masculine words in Hebrew but you don't need to remember that now.

Let's see what's next!