The name of the letter (Sin) looks a bit like the English word for bad behaviour but letter's name is actually pronounced closer to the word seen. It has the sound of the English letter S, as in snake or sassy!

You've probably already noticed that Looks a lot like ! The only difference is the placement of the dot.

If you know any Latin, you might realize that the Latin for "left" is "sinister," in which case it's not hard to remember that "sin" has its dot on the left. But we'll use a nicer visual: sunset!

If you can remember that the sun always sets in the West, and the West is on the LEFT side of a map, we can use sunset as our picture for remembering! The main part of the letter becomes a mountain, and the dot is the sun setting in the West!

Now let's try some reading practice again.

(sam) - Put, as in "he put the wine on the table." This word sounds closer to "sum" than the English name "Sam."

(sichah) - conversation.

(tsel) - Means shadow

(beitsah) - Means egg!

(tsom) - Means a fast in the sense of not eating for a long time.

(matzah) - The famously dry, crunchy cracker-like bread that Jews eat each year for eight days!

(gan) - Means garden.

(pesach) - Passover, the holiday where Jews eat matzah!

(lamah) - Means why?

(ko ess) - Means angry.

(shem) - Name

We're almost at the end of the Alefbet!