Vav with U sound

The Vav For "U"

So, is just another vowel we can make with . This time it sounds like any of:

As you can see, spelling is a lot easier in Hebrew than in English, since there are only a few ways anything could be spelled! That's why when we write this Hebrew sound with the English Alphabet, we always use the same letter: u.

So one easy way to remember this one is that the DOT is UNDER the top of the Vav rather than on top of it like in . But unfortunately has the U sound of "blue", not of "under." So let's imagine you're screwing a blue screw UNDER the , like this:

Got it? Now let's see in action!

(tutu) - One of those cute frilly things that ballerinas wear, that fit the definition of "skirt" but without all that fabric.

(chut) - Speaking of fabric, it means thread.