is a cool letter. First, because it's a lot like the letter H. Not only does it sound the same, but it's even silent at the end of words, just like the letter H is in hurrah or Sarah. Also, it's one of the letters that actually means something on its own!

That is, means "the." But the thing is, you never see it on its own. It's not really a word on its own. So always has to be at the beginning of a word.

So for example,

means "the fish."

So, how are we going to remember this one? Well, unless you think that for some reason looks like a hay stack, try this image for the word hanging:

Ok, remember that vowel we did last?

Can you say these out loud?



Remember, those are just nonsense syllables, they don't mean anything. So let's try some actual Hebrew again. What would this mean?

    (HaDag Ba) It means, "the fish is coming."

Sorry, we don't know enough yet to have examples that make sense!

Which is why we need to hurry on to the next letter, Vav.