Gimel, the third letter of the Alefbet. It originally looked like a camel. In fact the words "camel" and gimel are related, and in Hebrew gamal means "camel."

Maybe that will help you remember it. Maybe not. In case it doesn't... well, I've got one. First, has the sound of the G in guard. (NEVER the sound of G in page.) So let's see how looks like a guard:

So, what does this say?

GA! — Glad we cleared that up. Now on to the words.

(gag) — It means roof. Gag me with a roof! Ok, it wasn't funny.

(gaga) — The sound that babies make, and also the name of a fun Israeli sport.

(bag) — Well, it means something in English, obviously. In Hebrew it means "delicacy." Just thought you'd like to know.

Now, on to the next letter, Dalet!