The letter (Resh) is kind of like a Hebrew R. Most Israelis pronounce it like a softer version of the French R, in the back of the mouth where the tongue meets the throat. Here is the standard Israeli pronunciation [YouTube] although most people don't roll it as much. Sephardic Jews (from Spanish or Arab speaking countries) pronounce it like the Spanish R, which is how the equivalent letter sounds in Arabic. But English speakers often just use the English R sound. You'll have a bit of an accent but everyone will still understand you.

We'll use a picture of a half rainbow to remember this one.

Now let's try some reading practice again.

(rak) - Means only

(kar) - Means cold

(moreh) - Teacher (male)

(morah) - Teacher (female)

(tsel) - Means shadow

(zeh) - Means this.

(beitsah) - Means egg!

(tsom) - Means a fast in the sense of not eating for a long time.

(echad) - one.

(pesach) - Passover, the holiday where Jews eat matzah!

(kavod) - Honour

Now let's look at the other version of the same letter...